Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha Hot Bikini Pics

sonakshi sinha hot bikini pics
Hot Actress's bikini thoughts disturbing father
The very act of bikini takes courage and a figure that is worthy of flaunting. However, more than an act of boldness, it has become a common and casual thing for the new age heroines. One such girl is the Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha who is just one film old but is causing a lot of sensation.

Recently, Fake bikini photo of Sonakshi circulated in a section of the media. The fake magazine cover had already become one of the most sought-after links on the web and TV channels had a field day flashing it.

"Quite shocked to read that I will be appearing in a bikini on the cover of the said magazine. It would’ve been smart if they checked out the magazine before printing the fact. They got the fact that I’m on the cover right, but the figure completely wrong," wrote Sonakshi Sinha on twitter reacting to her fake bikini pic.

However, recently Sonakshi revealed that there is nothing wrong in sporting a bikini in front of the camera and while her fans are loving it, one man is reportedly in a state of shock. His name is Shatrughan Sinha(played NTR's role in Rakta Charitra) and he happens to be Sonakshi's father. Well, it is heard that Shatrughan is quite particular about these things but the modern thoughts of his daughter is now causing him concern, as per reports. Only time will tell whether Daddy will adjust to daughter or vice versa….

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